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Setting goals will change your life. Find a goal that makes you excited.

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Life goals can motivate you into action, teach you something about yourself, and help you realize dreams you didn't think were possible. It's a declaration to your future self that you want more than the average. But we often fail to meet or fall short of our goals. Why is that? There are a couple of areas to consider, whether mentally or in our physical environment.

Environment: This area plays a significant role in keeping us inspired and motivated. Sometimes we have to change our environment to thrive.

Believe in yourself: Often, we like ourselves out on big goals because, at our core, we believe we won't attain them or are not worthy of them. Just know that you can do anything. Self-efficacy, or your ability to believe in yourself, will improve success in goal setting.

Write down your goals: It's so important to remind ourselves daily about the massive goals we want to achieve. Whether writing it down on a piece of paper multiple times or on a Post-it and placing it wherever you can see it will help the subconscious mind start to believe it! Now you can take action!

Have an accountability Partner: They will set you straight, put you in check, and call you out if you don't meet what you promised. They will provide the tough love and motivation you need to keep progressing and succeeding.

Conclusion: Setting goals will change your life. Find a goal that makes you excited. Something that motivates you to become a better version of yourself.

Shirley Baez

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