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Lead Your Ship: Unlock Your True Self and Captain Your Ship Like a Boss



Principles of Leadership

Too many people live on the sidelines watching the pack take the spoils. Not realizing they too can lead from the front as the true leaders they already are. Becoming a leader can be taught, but you must be willing to put in the work and have the grit and consistency to lead yourself first to be the game changer to others.

Lead Your Ship is a go-to guide for professional women who aspire to become great leaders in their organizations and leaders in their communities. It will help you overcome fears, self-doubt, low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, and timidity that keep you from taking action and rising up as the boss you are. Learn to develop a winning strategy and own your success.

First-time author and Leadership Strategist Shirley Baez chronicles her path to success with unashamed realness that readers find refreshing and engaging. From growing up in the inner city with little to no resources, she didn’t have a lot of options. She joined the military and found an environment where she could challenge her fears and grow as a leader.

Level the Playing Field

“The world needs more women leaders. My mission is to help women open their eyes to the reality that they have the potential to lead at work and at home. If they confront their fears, and put in the work inside and out, the successful leader within will shine bright like a diamond.” —Shirley Baez

Evolve Now

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for an inspirational ride. This book has the power, story, and advice to take you from the sidelines to the limelight!

Shirley Baez is the founder and CEO of the LeadHERship Academy, a company that empowers women to step into their power and captain their professional and personal lives as true bosses. Shirley is an inspirational force mentoring and coaching hundreds to find their true greatness.

She is a speaker and published author contributing to the book “POWERFUL FEMALE IMMIGRANTS WHO INSPIRE GREATNESS: 24 Women, 24 Stories, 24 Movements,” where she tells her story of struggles to triumphs.

She has 20 years of military service in the Army Special Operations community and is the recipient of multiple military achievement and recognition awards. Shirley now pursues her passion for helping people through her coaching, where she provides the tools they need to lead their ship and succeed in their personal and professional life.


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